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Westmont Moving Sale March 28 & 29 2014

I have been busy since before the Cincinnati Modern Show and since I got back last week. I'm working on setting up a moving/got to sell it all sale the end of this month in Westmont Illinois. Check out preliminary posting on Estate Sales. net. Go to March 28 & 29 and check out MCB Estate Sales posting for this sale. More information to follow. : )

Randolph Street This Weekend

I know it's cold outside. But this weekend is Randolph Street Market. I'll see you there right? Check my events page if you need to know other dates. I'm sad cause I can't go shopping this weekend! However I have to put up an awesome display. It's amazing where the stuff goes. All to good homes of course and some to other continents, too. Amazing! I love what I do and do what I love. See you at my booth this weekend. Remember: Plumbers Hall lobby Washington Street side. (Don't have a lot of pictures of new fab finds cause I've been busy getting ready for next month's 20th Century Cincinnati show - check events page for dates and directions.)

Randolph Street Market 2014 Season

Don't forget to check out my updated events page for the 2014 season of the Randolph Street Market. It's just around the corner: February 25 &26. I will be in my usual spot the corner booth at the end of the lobby facing Washington street. See you there!!

Mid-Century Lighting

This is not the best picture of  a pair of amazing curved chrome floor lamps. Nevertheless I couldn't wait. They both stand over seven feet high, but when the inner bar is extended they rise up over twelve feet! The bases are Italian marble and weigh a ton (well maybe around  seventy-five pounds), Amazing!!!! I'll have them in my booth at the 20th Century Cincinnati Modern Show (Feb 22&23, 2014). See you there, or be square!

Vintage Luggage

I found several sets of vintage luggage this weekend. The house wasn't heated or barely but it was all good. In the same house I found an amazing crystal and worked metal chandelier. So no complaints. Have a ton of stuff to post and blog about. Plus updating my events page. Check it out! I'll be selling amazing Mid-Century Modern decor and accessories at the Cincinnati Modern Show Feb 22-23, 2014. See you there. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. 

Murano Fish & Rooster

I found these awesome Murano Fish and the Rooster  in a house that was authentic late 1950's. I'm not sure if the blue bottle is Blenko, (I'll be checking it out and post if it is later). The blue fish is huge about 18" high. The colors of both are really bold. The artisan of Murano: amazing. They will be available later in February 2014. I post which show I'm going to then. I have to update my events page for 2014! 

Chicago Artist from the 1960's

I found this painting  signed and dated 1967 by Gustav Korn in an amazing house this summer in Beverly, Illinois. He was a European trained artist who emigrated here from Europe. According to his relatives he was the principal graphic artist for 'Vienna Beef' products. Their logos are ubiquitous in Chicago, you can't go a block without seeing their 'Hot Dog in a Bun' image at any drive-in. His house was amazing a real walk back in time. The house was a Spanish colonial stucco and arched breezeway mix. Inside I felt I had walked into 1940's Hollywood! I bought some amazing furniture and accessories at his estate sale. Here's one pix of more to come... I will have it at next month's Randolph Street Market. I will have 2014 dates posted soon on my events page   

Mid-Century Modern Mirrow

I found this hanging behind a bar that had been closed for years. The wood is teak very Scandinavian. Why it would be in a tavern, I have no idea. I will post at some point later which show I'll have it available for sale.  

Ginormous Hawaiian Salad Fork and Spoon Set

I posted this picture on my various social media sites last Friday or Saturday. ( I've been busy). They are made of Teak hand carved, Mid-Century (of course) and really funny. I put them up in my booth this past weekend at Randolph Street. Everybody talking about 'Everybody Loves Raymond' episode that was written about a set like these  hanging  on Raymond's parents wall. Whatever......Follow my posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. Check back again soon. 

Shopping Anyone?

We survived Thanksgiving and now it's 'BLACK FRIDAY'? Whoa! Let's get moving. I for one, have a particular piece of technology I'm pinning for: Apple Mini Pad. So I can show awesome pictures of  Mid-Century Modern decor to all my friends/collectors/customers! I am going to be busy this weekend shopping for vintage treasures to post here! See you next week, but you can also follow updates on: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! Don't forget next Randolph Street Market is December 14 & 15. See you there!!!!!!!
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